My Dream Job 

What is your dream job? 

I love my job and I really am lucky to get to do a job I love so much! However if I was to ever do anything different my dream job would be to work in the lush factory making all of their wonderful products.

Whilst at the Lush Coventry bloggers event I had the chance to try this job for myself, as we were given the chance to try our hands at making a Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar. 

If you have ever had the chance to see the lush staff making bath bombs and bubble bars you will know it is very impressive. Firstly the speed at which they can make the products is incredible and then how perfectly they make them! There is so much detail in these products yet they all end up looking amazing. It turns out that it is not as easy as they make it look and making a lush product is in fact very difficult. 

We started off making our bubble bar by mixing all of the ingredients together. Lush spend a lot of time sourcing their ingredients to make sure they are all completely natural and ethically sourced. All of the ingredients used are also as very fresh and once the product is made is shipped straight to store to give you the freshest products possible. 

Once all of the ingredients had been mixed together including bubble agents, scents and colouring the mixture was mixed and mixed until it form a dough like consistency. It’s safe to say that making a bubble bar is very much like baking a cake. Once all the ingredients where combined together we each took a portion on the mix and threw it from hand to hand until the mixture had firmed up. 

One thing I love about the Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar is the wonderful red sparkly glitter that covers the bar. The glitter step of the process was therefore my favourite and I may have got super excited and ended up with a tad more glitter than what I actually required. To cover the bar in glitter we took our portion of mixture and rolled in around in a bowl of glitter. I ended up with probably more glitter on myself than on my bubble bar which again goes to show just how much skill is actually required to make these products. 

Now this really should have been the easiest part, but it turns out that even the easy bits are quite hard. To get the beautiful detailed shape of the Ruby Red slippers a mold is used. All I had to do if push my mixture into the mold and then careful ease the mold off! Well it didn’t quite happen like than and I ended up with the strangest shaped shoe I have ever seen! It looked more like a blob by the time I got it home.

Although I had the most amazing time making my own bubble bar at lush Coventry it really did teach me that it isn’t as easy as it looks and has given me an awful lots of respect to everyone who works very hard making all the amazing products we love so much. 

Have you ever tried making a lush product before? 

Keep your eyes peeled at your local store as they do occasionally hold workshops where you can try you hands at making a bath bomb or bubble bar. 

Also lush do hold party’s which are perfect for birthdays and special occasions where you can also have the chance to try making your own products

For more information visit 


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