Lush Creative Showcase 

‘Aargh there is going to be lush gold here’ if what I first thought when I arrived at the Tobacco dock for the Lush Creative Showcase (there was a huge pirate ship there aswell). I wasn’t really sure what to exspect at the event, but if the setting of the grade 2 listed Tobacco dock was anything to go by I new what awaited me inside was going to be very impressive. 

As soon as I walked through the doors I was hit by the most amazing smell I have ever experienced. It’s one of those scents no matter how hard I tried to explain it I don’t think I could put it into words. I then noticed how excited everyone was! The atmosphere was electric and I literally couldn’t decide where to go an explore first! The whole set up was a lot larger than I was expecting, each room contained a different element of lush from the brand new Christmas range right though to a demo area for the lush kitchen. I decided to best way to tackle this event was to have a wander round first to take in all the different rooms and then explore the rooms in a bit more depth. This tactic didn’t last long at all.

The first room that I ventured into was the kiss and make up room! This room was full to the brim of every kind of make up you could ever wish for! What really caught my attention in this room however was three brand new and exclusive nail varnishes. lush have never before created a nail varnish so this was super exciting. They had created the colours pink, green and blue and what made them even better was each was scented! These nail varnishes are still currently in development but fingers crossed they will be hitting stores very soon.

Now one thing I haven’t mention yet it’s how hot the day was. For those of you who live in the UK you know it’s not very often we have a super hot day. Well it just so happened that the lush creative showcase fell on what felt like the hottest day of the year! Mix this with lots and lots of people all trying to see all the brand new and exciting products and that fact that I had packed for a cold winters day (what I was expecting seeing as it was September) I was nearly melting!!! Turns out I wasn’t the only one even some of the bath bombs where struggling to say together in the super hot heat! However I was super impressed with how hard all of the lush staff worked and how no body not matter how hot and sticky they were felling let the tropical climate get them down. Everyone carried on having a fabulous time even if a lot of us looked like we had had a bucket of water tipped over our heads (I wish I had). 

Next I ventured on to the Christmas market! Now this felt a little bit strange to be surrounded by snow, Christmas trees and elfs when the weather was so hot! But never the less the Christmas market room was the most magical place I have ever been! I felt like I had to transported to the North Pole and didn’t no where to look first! The room was crammed full of all the winter releases for this year and also a great big helping of festive cheer. With Christmas songs, festive characters, Santa’s grotto, a giant snow globe and even a Butterbear cuddle corner, this room was fantastic. I literally could has spent all day in this one room. However I had lots more to explore so I picked up a few of the new products that I couldn’t wait any longer to try (keep you eyes peeled for lots of reviews heading your way soon) and ventured into the next room. 

The next room I found was the exclusively lush room. The room was full of kitchen exclusive, Oxford street exclusives, lots of lush swag and even A good helping of brand new products that had been made exclusive for the event! This room was literally lush heaven! It was also possibly the most busy of all the rooms and I soon found myself in a 3 hour long queue, to get my hands of some of these wonderfully exclusive products! However although the queue was long it was still great fun as I found my self meeting and talking to a whole host of wonderful people. Plus with so many exciting products to watch demos of and to have a good sniff of, the queue was soon over and I found my self trying to decide what to look at next.

After the mega queue I decided it was time for a good break which gave me the chance to take in all the other amazing things happening at the showcase! As well of rooms full of products, throughout the day there was a whole host of entertainment from hula hoppers, fire performers to musicians. As a magician and entertainer myself this was one of my favourite parts of the event! It was so much fun to see such a wide range of amazing talent and it gave the event such a brilliant atmosphere. 

After lunch I finished looking around in the upstairs rooms which included the hair lab, the pangalactic gargle blaster room, music and book nook, the self preserving gallery and the lush live room which had lots of amazing session from the lush kitchen where you could get up and personal with products being made (one of my favourite parts of the day) before heading downstairs to see what wonders I could find down there. 

The lower floor was a little more chilled out and quite compared to the upper floor and the first room I found was the lush spa experience. This was a great chance to see how all the spa treatments are created and it was wonderful to see how much time and effort if put into each treatment. The experience have got me super eager to try a treatment out my self (I’m hoping my partner will read this and gets a little hint for Christmas). 

Downstairs also contained the gorilla perfume gallery. This was a series of rooms that where set up to show what inspired the perfumes that had been created for the event. Each room was scented and as you enter you really felt the love and story behind each of the scent. For the showcase a large selection of brand new perfumes had been created. Although I must admit I got a little nose blind trying them all out, they really where gorgeous! I decided to treat myself to one and chose the I’m home scent. 

One of my favourite parts of the down stairs area was a giant water fountain surround by a selection of baths! These were used for doing product demos and creating bath art. There was also a great selection of giant bath bombs and bubbles bars. One of which Jack Constantine put into the water fountain to create the most special spectacle. The scent of the bath bomb filled the entire venue and created the most magical coloured water. This section was also home to a giant candy floss machine which was making shower floss! yes candy floss for your shower! How amazing and fun is that. 

No matter how hard i try I really can’t put into word the magic of the showcase! There was so much time and thought put into the event and I could right pages and pages on what was there. However I hope this post gives you an idea of how much fun it was. As the day came to an end and me and my partner (who is now a complete lushie he even brought himself a t-shirt) were about to leave I had the chance to meet and have a little chat with the main main himself Mark Constantine This was the most amazing end to a wonderful day and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mark all his team and every single lush staff member who worked the event for putting on the most magical experience. 


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