Decisive lipstick – Lush Review 

Since the opening of Lush Oxford street Lish have really exstend their make up range to include a large variety of beautiful products including lipsticks, eye shadows and powders. 

As I spend a large amount of my time on stage makeup plays a huge role in my life and I have found the lush makeup range to be superb. All of their make up products contain natural ingredients and are cruelty free meaning you don’t have to worry about what nasty products your putting onto your skin.

My favourite colour of lipstick that lush currently have to offer and also the first ever one that I tried is Decisive (as you can see by the much loved packaging). Decisive is desceibed as a deep cherry red colour and is designed to keep your lips both hydrated and coloured. 

Currently lush offer two different formats for most of their lipsticks. They come in a liquid format which can be found in most stores or in a more everyday solid stick format which can be found in lush Oxford street and occasionally on the lush kitchen. 

From trying both of these formats I have found there to be quite a difference between the two. The liquid format is much more glossy in finish and very hydrating. Colour wise I find it to be lighter and slightly brighter in colour. Where the solid format is more of a matte finish, slightly more drying on the lips and much more pigmented in colour, the colour is also slightly deeper and darker.

I personally much prefer the more matte finish solid lipstick format, however I prefer the application of the liquid lipstick as the bottle and applicator allowed for much more of a precision application, where I find I have to use a lipstick brush when using the other format.

Overall I adore this Decisive lipstick. Obviously colour of a lipstick is very much down to personal choice, but if you love your red lipsticks I’m pretty sure you will love this one.

Have you tried any of the lush lipsticks? 

Which on is your favourite? 

RATING: 5/5 

PRICE: Liquid format – £14.50, Solid Fornat – £13.50 (2015 prices) 

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


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