Lover Lamp Bath Bomb 

So there is nothing I like more than trying a product that is brand new to lush. With this in mind It’s safe to say I did get a little bit excited to see a couple of brand new releases along with some much loved favourites in this years Valentine’s Day range.

The lover lamp bath bomb is one of the brand new never before seen products in this range. To look at it has a very simple but sophisticated design to it. It has a very lovely pure white colour with little red hearts for decoration. 

I was very intrigued about the scent of this bath bomb when I first heard it would be making an appearance, as I wasn’t to sure what to expect. It turn out that the lover lamp bath bomb has a chocolate orange scent. Although I personally felt that the chocolate note was quite subtle and the orange really stood out, but it is a very sweet orange scent, with a hint of vanilla. I found this scent to be very uplifting and once in the water I could really detect the cocoa butter giving the bath bomb a little more of its chocolatey aroma. 


Once popped in the water this bath bomb started to fizz very very fast, I was actually a little shocked at how quickly it did fizz. As it fizzed away it turned the water a milky white and lots and lots of tiny little red hearts floated to the surface of the water. The larger hears that can be seen on the bath bomb to start with, are in fact little cocoa butter hearts. These slowly float across the water and melt releasing there buttery goodness. 


I really loved how moisturising this product is, my skin felt super soft after my bath. I also found the bath incredible relaxing. The scent did stay quite subtle, but I rather liked having this gentle aroma as it helped to make the bathing experience so relaxing. The only downside I found was the red butter hearts didn’t really melt very well in the water and just went a bit squishy. but other than that I have totally fallen head over heels in love with this bath bomb. 

Price – £3.95 

Rating – 4/5 

Ingredients –  Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, fair trade organic cocoa butter, titanium dioxide, fair trade vanilla absolute, Brazilian orange oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic castor oil, red edible hearts, limonene, perfume, gold glimmer lustre, colour 14700


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