Coconut Deodorant Powder – Lush Review 

When I saw that Lush did a range of powder deodorants i was really intrigued by the concept of them. I loved the idea that they would be a lot more natural on the skin and more caring to the environment than an aerosol deodorant. 

As I love anything coconut scented I though the best one to try would be there coconut version, which is available now and them on the Lush Kitchen. 

The scent of this deodorant is absolutely beautiful. It is very very fresh and tropical. I feel this is the perfect scent for deodorant as it really does leave you feeling very refreshed. 

Although I love the concept of a powder deodorant in practicality it isn’t that great. This is due to the fact it is a little difficult to use. Lush day to sprinkle the powder under your arms!!! Which turns out to be a very very very messy method! 

I found the best way to use the deodorant is to pop a little into the palm of your hand then gently press it to you underarms. As it’s a little difficult and messy to use, I found that it isn’t great as an all day long deodorant, as if your wearing cloths you will get covered in white powder. Although it is fab first thing in morning if you want to wear something before bed. 

The powders and oils that are contained in the deodorant are included to keep you dry and smelling fine all day long. I found the scent worked great, but I also found that if I was doing any excerise or had a particularly long day then It didn’t quite have the staying power and strength that I required from a deodorant. 

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of this product as an actually deodorant , i did find that it is great as a dusting powder or as a foot powder and I have really enjoyed using it in these ways. 

RATING: 3/5 

PRICE: ?? 
INGREDIENTS: Cornstarch, tapioca flour, magnesium carbonate, perfume, coconut milk powder, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut cream grated, desiccated coconut, benzoin resinoid, vetivert oil 

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


9 thoughts on “Coconut Deodorant Powder – Lush Review 

  1. Leah M says:

    Thank you for reviewing Lush Coconut deodorant powder. Honestly, I love this powder! It’s a little bit fiddly, as you stated, but it has been my number one go-to deodorant for several years. I order two or three bottles each year when it comes out in the Lush Kitchen; I love it that much! Winter time I only have to apply once a day; summer time maybe twice a day. I find it easiest to apply right after showering. Put a little in the palm of my hand and then pat it in place. Mm..coconut!

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    • Stephanie Clarke says:

      That’s ok it’s a product I’ve been meaning to review for quite a while now. I just love its scent so so much! It’s AMAZING, My partner has just found it as well and he is loving it and using it all the time so I’m going to have to pick up some more now.


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