More Than Mortal Body Scrub – Lush Review 

I really love the broad spectrum of products that lush have to offer. Although it is probably their bath bombs and bubbles bars that the company are best known for, there are so many more fabulous products available and these are the ones that I love exploring the most.  The more than mortal body scrub is a little gem I found on the lush kitchen (online). The body scrub was on sale quite a few years ago but is a product that I personally have never seen nor tried before. 

Firstly can we just take a moment to appreciate how brilliant the names of lush products are! They are always so clever and well thought out. They defiantly always make me smile and almost give the products that extra special finishing touch even if some of them are quite difficult to pronounce. 

The More Than Mortal body scrub is a very luxurious feeling product and will defiantly make you feel like a God or Goddess. This scrub contains fresh pineapple, apricot kermel oil, grapefruit oil and lavender oil giving this scrub a very fresh sweet fruity scent. I found the scent of this product to be devine and really uplifting. 

This product only comes in a small 75g pot. I was firstly a little disappointed at the small portion as I had already fallen in love with the scent and knew this product would be a firm favourite of mine. However I then noticed the product only has a month use by date on it. So if the product came in a larger pot I feel it would be very difficult to use this product up while it was still in its prime. I was however pleased to find that the small pot still lasted me 4 uses and that was using a generous amount for the whole body. 

Micro Beads are used by a lot of company’s in their scrubs still but these beads are very dangerous to the environment. lush therefore only use natural products as exfoliants. The More Than Mortal body scrub contains ground almonds and walnut shells to create the exfoliating experience. What I love about this scrub is that it isn’t to harsh like a lot of scrubs can be. It has more of a gritty giving it the feeling of a polish. I found that the texture of this scrub made it a lot more gentle on the skin meaning it would be perfect if you had sensitive skin. 

Once I had used this scrub I found that my skin was super soft. My skin also had a lot more glow to it. I also found that scent lingered on my skin for quite some time. Overall I was really impressed with this product. The scent is devine and the product works really well. I also enjoyed the different texture of the product compared to other lush scrubs. I will defiantly be purchasing another of these when available in the lush kitchen again and really recommend this product to any one who love a fruity scent. 

Rating –5/5 

Price- £6.95 for 75g (2016) 

Ingredients – kaolin, star anise and lime tree flower infusion, fresh pineapple, ground walnut shell, apricot kernel oil, glycerine, ground almonds, grapefruit oil, lavender oil, Linonene, linalool, perfume. 

Please contact lush for a full, accurate and upto date ingredients list.


5 thoughts on “More Than Mortal Body Scrub – Lush Review 

  1. powj02 says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading this post, I love Lush products especially the snow fairy shower gel my favourite! It’s great to see what natural ingredients go into their products as this is something that’s more important to me – I’m now looking to replace all health & beauty products with natural alternatives. I always love the way the Lush products smell and great to see how long they last too. Jen XOXO www,

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